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The vape industry sometimes feels it like its moving at a million miles an hour with lots of new products hitting the market. A recent addition was the introduction of Nicotine Salts. These are a new type of e-liquid that seem to come with the promise of a high Nicotine dose but still remaining smooth!

Nicotine salts are derived directly from the tobacco leaf meaning the nicotine hit is absorbed much quicker than regular e-liquid meaning you can vape less and still fix your nicotine craving. As Nicotine salts have less alkaline, they are much smoother on the throat compared to regular free-based nicotine meaning those who previously found 12/28mg to harsh need to worry Nicotine salts are the answer!

Nicotine salts are only to be used in low powered pod devices this is very beneficial as the big sub0ohn devices can stay at home.

There is a downside to Nicotine Salts and that is the price! Nicotine salts are more expensive to manufacture meaning a bottle of 10ml Nicotine salt can retail at £4.99 which is very expensive compared to freebase nicotine e-liquid which can be nought at £2.99 for a 10ml bottle. This is where PickNic comes in.

At PickNic we were fed up of the high Nicotine salt prices and wanted a cheap option without compromising on quality. At PickNic we bring the best brands at low prices meaning you can enjoy the health and financial savings of switching to Nic salts.

You can save up to 50% on the high street by switching to PickNic. Our boxes which include free delivery start at £14.99 for 5 Nicotine Salts which is a steal compared to the RRP of £4.99 a Nic salt.

Our boxes filled with extra goodies are posted straight your letterbox for maximum convenience. Make the switch today to PickNic and start saving £££!