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PickNick FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

How does PickNic work?

PickNic started as a Nic Salt subscription in 2020, brining greatest Nic Salts at an amazing price.

We believe that Vape liquid should be accessible at good prices and that this is the best way to get people stop smoking cigarettes.

In early 2022 we relaunched to now sell Disposable Vapes and Nic Salts individually. We offer all our subscriptions world wide so everybody can benefit from our great products and services.

Our 5 Nic Salt box starts from £14.99.

Our 10 Nic Salt box starts from £24.99

Delivery is always free.

We understand you may want to try before you subscribe that’s why at PickNic we offer individual boxes for sale. No subscription. No strings attached. 

We’re sure after you’ve tried a box you’ll want another that’s why we offer exclusive discounts and giveaways for monthly subscribers!

Please note cancelling 5 days before your next box will only take effect from the next month as we dispatch and ship a few days before your subscription is due.

Nicotine salts allow you to vape at high nicotine strengths but without that harsh throat hit we all hate! It revolutionised the vaping industry, nicotine salts are absorbed by the body almost immediately so it’s perfect for people who want to quit smoking.

Please cancel your subscription from your profile area rather then from the bank as it doesn’t update our system and we may already send your box out.

When you cancel your subscription on our website we automatically cancel the direct debit and will not take further payments.

Questions about your box?

Nicotine salts are designed for people who want a strong nicotine hit such as cigarette smokers. They are smooth and still able to provide a strong nicotine hit.

We recommend if you smoke 15+ cigarettes a day to go for 20mg.

Anyone smoking below 15 cigarettes a day should go for 10mg.

If you’re unsure it may be best to go for 10mg nicotine strength and then later change to 20mg nicotine.

If you would like one of your liquids in your next box to be 20mg to trial please let us know when you order or at least 5 days before your subscription is due.

Unlike our competitors, we stock only the best and most premium brands on the market. This means each and every box has incredible value for money. No bargain bucket liquids here!

We stock only the best and well known brands on the market ensuring your box is the best quality for the best price. There’s no home brew brands or any bargain bucket liquids stocked here.

All the juices we provide have been pre-steeped. 

Some of the brands we stock:

  • IVG
  • Vape Dinner Lady
  • Elements E-Liquid
  • Riot Squad
  • Doozy Vape
  • Nasty Juice
  • Pukka Juice
  • Twelve Monkeys

And many more!

You can have your box every fortnightly or monthly. The subscription starts on the day of your first purchase.
Yes! You can alter the box size, your flavour preference and the frequency of your box in your account.

Unfortunately as each box is custom made we are unable to accept returns. Due to Covid-19 it would be wrong for us to accept liquid returns as it would be impossible to sanitise safely for somebody else to use. 

Under Consumer contract regulations, usually you are entitled to a refund for most things you buy online, PickNic fits into the exceptions as it is a custom made item + includes perishable items + the liquids included have a safety seal.

If you have any issues with your box, please email us at [email protected] or fill out our contact form. We will endeavour to do our best to help.

At PickNic, one person curates your unique box from beginning to end to minimise contact on your box.

Every individual wears gloves and masks when curating your box!

Some brands don’t carry exact 10mg or 20mg however we match it close as possible to these numbers so don’t worry if you get something other then 10/20mg we have tried and tested these juices to make sure they work for your strength choice.

You can upgrade/downgrade your box at any time in your my account area. 

Just go the subscriptions tab in your account area and click upgrade/downgrade.

From there you can edit your flavour profile and also strength/frequency and checkout and this will update the subscription.

If you would like to move from a 5 box to a 10 box or visa verse you would need to cancel your subscription and subscribe to a new box.

When you place an order, in the checkout area there is an extra info box. Please add your likes and dislikes in there.

NO! You’re free to leave at any time. If there’s anything you’re not happy with please let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

Please note cancelling 5 days before your next box will only take effect from the next month as we curate your box a few days before your subscription is due.

Remember you can always shop our Disposable Vapes and Nic Salts if you prefer not to have a box!

Delivery questions?

Free. Always.

We dispatch within 1-2 business days and send via Royal Mail 2nd class. You don’t need to be home for delivery as our boxes can be popped straight through your letterbox. Your box should be there in 3-5 working days.

We will let you know once we’ve dispatched your box.

Your PickNic box is letterbox friendly.

It’s popped straight through your letterbox.

You don’t even need to be at home to receive your PickNic box!

If its been 7 days and your box hasn’t been delivered, please contact us with your order number and we will investigate.
When we dispatch your box it is fully sealed and has no damage. Sometimes, in the post, your PickNic box can be damaged however your goods inside should be fine as we take measures to protect your Nic Salts.