Are Disposable Vapes good?

Disposable vapes are the new phenomenon of the industry.

It seems like every device manufacturer or e-liquid company si releasing their very own line of disposable devices but the question figures are they any good?

Disposable devices contain Nicotine salt which is a relatively new version of nicotine. It brings a high nicotine dosage without a harsh hit meaning it is perfect for disposable devices. Disposable devices can be found in 0mg,10mg, and 20mg.

Puff counts are usually from 350 up to over 700+ meaning you can easily achieve an all-day vape from them.

One of the major advantages of a disposable device is the ease of use, these devices are just draw-activated. No buttons, no screens. This means it is highly desirable for those who want a simple device.

Disposable devices are compact and easy to conceal meaning they are great when out and about. You can easily store one in your pocket without taking up too much space. Bigger traditional devices take a lot of space and would need a liquid bottle too. The disposable devices are leak-free, unlike some typical devices.

The disadvantage of disposable devices is mainly with the cost, disposable devices can cost around £5 each. Which is expensive compared to traditional vaping. A standard Nic Salt bottle can cost around £4 and has a lot more puffs.

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What’s the difference between normal E-liquid and Nic salts?

Vaping can be complicated, words like MTL and Sub-Ohm can make things difficult for new vapers. When dealing with e-liquid you hear about free-base and Nic Salts as well as 50:50 liquid.

If you’re still trying to figure out what you should be vaping and a jargon buster, you’ve found yourself in the right place.

MTL v Sub-Ohm

If you’re a new vaper chances are you probably were recommended a MTL system, MTL means mouth to lung just like how you would smoke a cigarette. These devices generally are smaller and can be referred to as pod systems. This is what is recommended to get off cigarettes. These devices are suitable for high nicotine liquids.

Sub-Ohm devices are usually bigger and use a lot more power, the coils in them are rated under 1 Ohm meaning bigger cloud production. These devices can also use higher VG liquid (more on that later). Sub-Ohm devices are more for experienced vaper and shouldn’t really be used with a high amount of nicotine.

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50:50 v Nic salts

So now that we know the difference device types let’s take a closer look into the e-liquid types.

You may have heard terms like 70:30 or 50:50 being thrown around; these numbers just mean the ratio of Vegetable glycerine and Propylene Glycol which are food safe liquids that make up the bulk of your e-liquid. The first number is always the amount of VG (do 60:40 would mean 60% Vegetable glycerine and 40% Propylene Glycol)

High VG liquid has lower throat hit and massive vapour production whereas higher PG liquid has more throat hit and better taste however has lower vapour production.

50:50 is usually the go-to mix for higher nicotine e-liquids as it tends to work best at that mixture. 

So, what are Nic Salts and how do they play in with 50:50?

So Nic salts are a new type of e-liquid that have a different type of nicotine in them to make them very smooth hitting and also faster acting compared to freebase nicotine which all other e-liquids contain (aside from 0mg of course)

 Nic salts have very little throat hit and quickly deliver the nicotine hit. Most Nic salts have a ratio of 50:50.

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Which is best for my device?

So now you know what the different types of liquids and what they’re made of, what should you use?

If you have a sub-ohm kit, we recommend higher VG e-liquids to get the most out of your device. IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO USE NIC SALTS IN SUB OHM DEVICES

If you have a pod system aka MTL device it is best to use 50:50 juices. If you want a harsh throat hit we recommend a freebase nicotine e-liquid but if you’re looking for high nicotine liquid without the harshness, we definitely recommended Nic Salts.

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Thanks for reading guys!

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