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Brexit and the Vape industry – What happens next?

Brexit, Brexit Brexit. You’re probably fed up of hearing here it but it’s happened. The UK will be leaving European union with a trade deal. Questions surrounding vaping and Brexit are already being asked, what will happen to the vaping industry? Will it work better without EU restrictions? Only time will tell. The European union […]

The Popularity of e-Cigarettes In The Last Decade

The past few years the popularity of e-cigarettes as a stop smoking aid has skyrocketed in the UK. With thousands in the UK that have already given up smoking aided the e-cigs, the evidence is growing that they can be effective. There is no harmful tar or carbon monoxide produced by e-cigs unlike in tobacco […]

How To Vape Safely During Coronavirus Pandemic

We hope the pandemic subsides soon and that you are all staying safe during these difficult times. We hope we will all be able to return to our daily lives very soon. Until then we need to make sure that we are doing all that we can to stay safe.  Vaping is mainly about harm […]


I’m sure all of us are fed up of hearing about Covis-19 now but it’s something that is affecting our industry and we must come together to dispute any false claims. here have been concerns that vaping and passive vaping increases the risk of Coronavirus. This is targeting vapers once again however Rosanna O’Connor, Director […]