About us

What is PickNic ? 

PickNic is the Uk’s best Nicotine salt subscription service.

As avid vapers we have seen Nicotine salt prices rise year by year, something needed to be done.

PickNic was born. We provide the best brands that you’d choose in a retail store at a fraction of the price you’d normally pay. No hidden costs or charges.

Unlike our competitors, we have fully branded packaging and we don’t sell home-brew liquid. Our vision was to bring the most well known brands at a fraction of the price you’d normally pay.

Once you’ve given us some basic information about what you want, our clever vape engine curates an incredible box for you. Unlike our competitors, each box contains only the most premium well known brands.

Our packaging is letterbox friendly meaning you don’t even have to be home to get your Nicotine salts. It’s straight through your door. 

We can offer savings of over 50% against the retailers. With High quality Nicotine salts retailing from £4.99 to £6.99 each, our box of 5 salts at £14.99 is simply a bargain.

We have plenty of customisation allowing you to change your subscriptions, update your flavour profile and much more!

How does the subscription work?

We have multiple subscriptions you can choose from, including fortnightly and monthly boxes. We give power to you and allow you to make changes to your subscription in your account. You can pause, cancel and upgrade your subscription at any time.

We understand that monthly subscriptions can be a scary thing but we’ve kept it simple here at PickNic, you can cancel at anytime, no hidden costs or charges.

We also offer one off box purchases for those who want to try and not be on a monthly direct debit.

What Brands will I get in my box?

At PickNic we’re all about the awesome brands. We wanted to the create a service like no other where in each box you receive the best brands. We noticed that other subscription services out there can sometimes lack on the brands and can opt for home-brew brands or cheaper e-liquid.

We work with lots of big brands to bring you the best nic salts you’d actually buy. Some of the brands we work with:

  • Riot Squad
  • IVG
  • Dinner Lady
  • Pod Salt
  • Just Juice
  • Six Licks
  • Pukka Juice

And many more!

What savings will I make?

At PickNic we’re all about the savings! We’ve seen prices on nic salts in retail stores increase year on year to the point where the average price of nic salts are at £4.99 each. Vaping was designed to be a healthy alternative to smoking and also cheaper than smoking. With the prices increasing it can be off putting for papers and can also lead to vapers choosing cheaper quality and priced e-liquid.

At PickNic we have priced our 5 box of nic salts at £14.99 and our 10 box of nic salts at £24.99. This means you save over 50% compared to the retail shops by shopping at PickNic. We never charge for delivery at PickNic meaning you only pay for the true price for the box, no extras.

In each box you receive you high quality nic salts and extra goodies which could be sweets, extra e-liquids, discount cards and merchandise.