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Are Disposable Vapes good?

Disposable vapes are the new phenomenon of the industry.

It seems like every device manufacturer or e-liquid company si releasing their very own line of disposable devices but the question figures are they any good?

Disposable devices contain Nicotine salt which is a relatively new version of nicotine. It brings a high nicotine dosage without a harsh hit meaning it is perfect for disposable devices. Disposable devices can be found in 0mg,10mg, and 20mg.

Puff counts are usually from 350 up to over 700+ meaning you can easily achieve an all-day vape from them.

One of the major advantages of a disposable device is the ease of use, these devices are just draw-activated. No buttons, no screens. This means it is highly desirable for those who want a simple device.

Disposable devices are compact and easy to conceal meaning they are great when out and about. You can easily store one in your pocket without taking up too much space. Bigger traditional devices take a lot of space and would need a liquid bottle too. The disposable devices are leak-free, unlike some typical devices.

The disadvantage of disposable devices is mainly with the cost, disposable devices can cost around £5 each. Which is expensive compared to traditional vaping. A standard Nic Salt bottle can cost around £4 and has a lot more puffs.

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