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Brexit and the Vape industry – What happens next?

Brexit, Brexit Brexit. You’re probably fed up of hearing here it but it’s happened. The UK will be leaving European union with a trade deal. Questions surrounding vaping and Brexit are already being asked, what will happen to the vaping industry? Will it work better without EU restrictions? Only time will tell.

The European union has put out strong regulations around vaping called the tobacco & related products regulations in 2016 (TRPR). The UK implemented this into the tobacco products directive (TPD) shortly after. These are heavy regulations on the market and that is why in the UK our nicotine products come in small bottles and our tanks are smaller than the rest of the world.

The TPD regulations were heavily criticised and caused nuisance for may vapers. Smaller bottles of liquids meant there was more plastic usage which of course is a hindrance on the environment. It also meant vapers had to carry around lots of small bottles of e-liquid and were forced to refill a lot due to smaller 2ml tank sizes.

Brexit brings an opportunity to review these rules and as the UK becomes more pro-vape it could be something that brings much needed change to the vape industry. The good news is that the UK government has already committed to reviewing the TPD regulations once we leave the EU which was outlined in the tobacco control plan a few years ago.

The great news is that our current government seem to show a pro-vape stance due to health benefits so many of us have achieved by switching from smoking to vaping. Jeremy hunt in his previous role as the secretary of state for health and social care has stated in his article about post Brexit opportunities that “we have already committed to looking closely at the legislation on tobacco control, including on e-cigarettes, to make sure we take opportunities to improve outcomes and protect health.”

It could only be matter of time that the UK changed the previous regulations into more consumer-friendly ones. We at Picknic would love to see nicotine salts bottles to increase in size to 30ml or even 50ml. The introduction of higher nicotine levels that the rest of the world have could allow those who find 20mg not hard hitting enough to make that switch. This would mean we could start introducing bigger bottles and more strengths at the same amazing discounts as we currently do. There could be some big changes coming to the industry and we can assure you PickNic will be forthcoming and being you the best and latest in the market.

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1 Comment

  1. Tim
    February 11, 2021

    great article, hopefully BREXIT brings good change to vaping to UK

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