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I’m sure all of us are fed up of hearing about Covis-19 now but it’s something that is affecting our industry and we must come together to dispute any false claims.

here have been concerns that vaping and passive vaping increases the risk of Coronavirus. This is targeting vapers once again however Rosanna O’Connor, Director of Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs at Public Health England said: “Public Health England’s 2018 independent evidence review found that to date, there have been no identified health risks of passive vaping to bystanders.  “There is currently no evidence that coronavirus can be caught from exposure to e-cigarette vapour.”

We are thankful in the UK that government bodies are able to defend vaping and give the correct advice.

At PickNic we have produced advice for vapers to keep safe in these troubling times:

  • Do not share your vape device or products with anyone. Sharing an e-cigarette will lead to the transfer of bacteria and germs, and strongly increase the chances of virus transmission.
  • If you allow someone to use your e-cigarette, thoroughly clean the tank and mod before you use it again.
  • Avoid vaping in enclosed public spaces and try to keep at least 2 meters distance from others when vaping outdoors.
  • Aim to try use low powered device in public to avoid big clouds in public

In general, we must continue to practice good hygiene, washing your hands regularly for 20 seconds and avoiding touching your eyes, mouth and nose.

Try cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or sleeve, when coughing or sneezing. Tissues should be put in the bin immediately and hands should be washed after.

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