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Welcome to PickNic

The home of the UK's best vape subscription service

PickNic has rapidly grown thanks to its mission statement resonating with all the vapers out there!

No longer can retail stores overcharge on their products and push subpar brands. At PickNic we believed the vape industry needed shaking up, we started out with our subscription boxes in 2019 with the aim of making your vaping life easy. Selling out all across the globe we decided to expand our services to disposable vape devices and also individual products. PickNic has gone retail and won’t stop until it’s reached every vaper out there.

Introducing the new PickNic, worldwide delivery, new products, and a smarter way to pay.

PickNic will still always be the home of the infamous subscription box but we have expanded into retail to offer Nic Salts and Disposable vapes.